In RH Express Earth we have accompanied our clients during the most important evaluation processes for the organization.

Currently, the most important client is an internal author, since it is from this moment on, the organization will be able to function and fulfill the established objectives.

The process of knowing and changing the climate, culture and performance of the organization, is not an easy task, so in Futura Talent they have helped us to do it not quickly, but it is also concretized with guidelines easily.

Our tools are specifically to improve the skills, knowledge and individual effectiveness of a company in terms of all its objectives. We always make sure that the diagnosis of the sea is the most accurate with clear indicators of improvements to be implemented.

Some of our evaluation services:

· Working environment

· Organizational culture

Have you wondered about the people who are in the positions sometimes do not give up what the position demands?

A correct process of attracting controlled talent to the right candidates in the right positions.

Some of our Development Services:

· Job Manual

· Structured selection processes by competences