Performance Evaluations may not be necessary in successful companies, since these instruments are used primarily to verify the degree of compliance with the objectives set at the individual level for each position.

This methodology allows an objective, systematic and comprehensive measurement of professional conduct and in the case of performance evaluations, performance and the achievement of fixed or expected results.

RH Express Earth uses certified and tested evaluations yielding the most accurate and reliable results in the current market.

Our main interest is to provide you with the key strategies and tools that will make measuring performance one of the most practical and readable functions.

We have a dictionary of 120 competencies with their descriptions, behavioral scales and fulfillment of objectives. Additionally, our psychometric tests are the most comprehensive and descriptive, since their results can be found, strengths, improvements, ways to motivate, drive, develop the potential among many others of each collaborate in a personalized way.

Some of our evaluation services:

Performance Evaluation

360 ° evaluation

Evaluation by KPIs

Technical Tests

Management Skills

Psychometric Tests

Competency Testing

Socioeconomic Studies Service

Job Portal

Ad Publication

Recruitment Services and Personnel Selection & Head Hunting

We attract the best talent for your company.

  • Management Positions
  • Middle Posts
  • Operating Levels
  • Mass Recruitment

Human Resources Strategy

We advise and build a Work Plan in your Human Resources department, with measurable results.

  • Strategic Human Resources Plan
  • Talent Matrix
  • Organizational Health Diagnosis

Organizational development

We do everything for you and we leave you as a result the result of our work the tool in Jobs.Net Line so that you can replicate it in the periods of time your company needs.

  • Monitor the Business Vibra
  • Labor Climate Surveys
  • Performance Evaluations by KPIs
  • 360 evaluations
  • Job Manuals
  • Labor Skills
  • Reasons for Departure
  • Position Lifting

Supporting services

  • Job Microsite
  • File Scanning
  • Reference Checks
  • Outplacement



We can apply them to the personnel that the company requires or we sell the tests by Volume or Memberships.

  • Psychometric test
    • DISC FuturaSuite tests
    • Psychometric test
  • Technical tests
    • Testing of Desires, Attitudes, Interests and Values
    • Standard CEFR English Tests
    • Word and Excel tests
    • Accounting Tests