Super Star interview



The SUPER STAR method is a structured way of answering the questions of the behavioral interview that one can find during the interview process. It is an acronym that means situation, task, action and result, which are four aspects that must be addressed in a behavioral interview question. These behavioral questions are situational, such as «How would you balance the workload in a team?» The SUPER STAR method is a process to help you answer one of these questions and divide your answer into a four-step answer that will satisfy the Person who interviews him. Not only does he answer the question, but it allows him to put it into context and show his ability to answer.


Begin by describing the SITUATION in which you were involved. You can use an example of your current or previous work, education, personal experience or any relevant event. Always choose the most appropriate and business-oriented example you have and the one that best suits the role for which you are interviewed. Choose an example that demonstrates the importance of your experience, the problem, the situation or the most difficult, complex, large, and successful task that you solved. Provide enough details for the interviewer to understand what was involved, but not more than one or two sentences.


Briefly describe what was assigned to you, your responsibilities and tasks for the situation. Again, one or two sentences are enough.


This will be the section in which the interviewer is most interested and should detail the actions he took to solve the problem, situation or task. Describe all the actions, detailing each stage and in the correct and logical order that shows your thinking processes, how you arrived at your conclusions and the steps you completed.

This is the most important part of your response, as it allows you to highlight in detail what your response was and clearly show your skills in a real life scenario.

Remember that you want the action you took, so if you are discussing a group project or task, describe what you did instead of the team’s achievements.

You may feel that you are being too descriptive, but this is necessary to show that you have the experience of the action you are describing; Do not assume that the interviewer will guess or infer what you did simply by describing the context.


The result is the second most important part of your response, since a successful result shows that your actions were effective. Talk about what you achieved, what you delivered in terms of benefits, what you learned and, if applicable, what you would do differently next time.

Provide evidence to prove success and this can be in the form of figures or numbers, anything that shows the winning result you delivered. Third-party comments are another great sample of evidence, so mention the positive comments you received from your manager, team or others.

Finally, talk about what you learned and how this learning will help you in the job for which you are hired.