Virtual Assessment Center



First we must be totally clear about the difference between a Test or Evaluation and a Simulation.

The GERSP Methodology allows you to accurately measure 24 critical areas of your company’s Organizational Culture and establish effective action plans. Each of these areas is classified according to its GERSP scale

1.Tests and Evaluations

Tests and assessments are used to measure knowledge, skills and behaviors. There are Norm Tests and Scale Tests, as I explain in my Free Psychometric Testing Course

2. Simulations

Simulations are used to create environments similar to those that applicants must face in a given job. It is a mixture of situations that occur in a disorderly manner and must be resolved promptly and efficiently.

3. Theoretical Framework of MateoCenter Virtual Assessment Center Tool

Possibly you are already thinking that the combinations of a simulation can be infinite, and indeed they are. They can include external factors as strange as a power outage or the unexpected absence of a key contributor to finalize the preparation of a report. Well, in MateoCenter we have four scenarios that we measure at the same time

Here we set two parameters that are exclusive

  • Bold
  • Conservative

Here we set two parameters that are exclusive

  • Depth
  • Speed

Here we determine the order in which the situations are resolved, which have been classified into five hierarchical groups, each of which has a decreasing score according to the order in which they are resolved:

  1. Very Urgent and Important
  2. Very Important and Urgent
  3. Urgent but Not Important
  4. Important but not urgent
  5. Neither Urgent nor Important

Este escenario comprende las respuestas a las diferentes situaciones que se han presentado, y su contenido permite evaluar objetivamente su conocimiento acerca de estos temas. Bueno, esto es todo. Mira que sencillo y al mismo tiempo que poderoso. Solicita una demostración gratuita